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November 2015

Hello and welcome to November!

Halloween has been and gone and what a great night it was. We hosted a Freakshow party and also helped our good friends Electric Soul Tattoo launch the opening of their brand new parlour. Electric Soul raffled off some fantastic prizes for our customers including free tattoo sittings for the best dressed and it was very well received needless to say! During the Halloweeen festivities we had Brewdog and tap along with some other guest beers which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

This month we are getting ready for Christmas and very excited are we! We have lots of Winter Warmers to warm the cockles. We'll have lots of whiskey fusions on the way and a whole range of Christmas cocktails to sample from 01st December. This Christmas we are holding a Prohibition Style Christmas party. There'll be lots of cocktails, a roulette dealer, photobooth as well as our wonderful staff in fancy dress! This December we are also holding the 12 check-ins of Christmas. Don't miss out on this one folks. It involves you checking in on Facebook/Twitter and availing of our special offers on the day. Offers include €10 Barry Crocketts, 2 for 1 Daiquiris, Free Porterhouse Beer Paddles, Free tonic with your gins etc. See Facebook for further details and don't forget to check in and mention us!

See you all at the bar.

February 2015

Hello everyone!

Welcome to 2015! It's been hectic here lately, hence the overdue blog! Hectic is a great complaint in this day and age. We've got a few bob (just a bit!) in our pockets again and things are starting to look up everywhere. Spring has gracefully returned and brought with her a cold snap and snow, much to the kid's delight! The long awaited Six Nations has returned to our screens and its so very welcome. We're enjoying the banter its bringing to the Porterhouse.

So what's coming up here in the Porterhouse ...... Well as you all know February signals the month of looove! And to celebrate Valentine's we will be having a special meal deal for all you lovers with a tango lesson included! Yay! Get your dancing shoes on and enjoy a tango lesson with the amazing, Alexander Rey. See the bar for further details. We are also holding a weekly quiz with Red FM's, Colm O'Sullivan .... First prize is a €50 bar tab, happy days say all you craft beer fanatics. If you're not in you can't win. It's on every Wednesday night from 9.30pm and our extra special Wrasslers pint is just €4 on the night.

Friday nights also see the launch of the new "Retro Room" which will include all types of music from swing to blues, jazz to electro swing and dance, sounds pretty cool doesnt it? Dont miss it. On the last Friday of each month we will be hosting a live Blues Band and guess what?? We are open late for that too, 2am! No cover charge either!

We have a very special birthday coming up at the end of the month ....... The Porterhouse Cork will be a big 2!!! Hooray! Are you coming to our party? Friday 27th Feb we are celebrating in style and to reward all of our amazing, loyal customers we will have a live band, some free drinks, a cake, champers and much more! Thank you to each and every one of you for making the last two years as successful as they were and we look forward to celebrating many, many more birthdays with you all.

Before we sign off we have to let you in on our latest invention .......... Red Head Ale! We are currently pouring Hophead in cask and combining it with Red Ale to make, "Red Head"!!! Like it?! Its a truly delectable concoction! So pop in and try a pint, you wont be disapponted.

Looking forward to greeting you all at the bar and dont forget our 2nd birthday.

Until March I bid you farewell!


November 2014

Hello everyone!

We've seen some new additions to the Porterhouse offering since we last wrote to you...Porterhouse Kolsch hit the taps during Oktoberfest and has proved to be a major hit with customers, both beer nuts and ordinary punters alike, who sometimes getting lost, wander in and are frightened of the more Hop-heavy beers that are on offer. We guide them daily with subtle encouragements to try something new and they have, so far, responded very well. Bless.

Augustiner Helles and Tegernseer Hell were also a fan favourite and we have decided to continue stocking the beautiful beers full time, much to the delight of many a Rugby head. Light and refreshing and perfectly flavoured. Yum yum.

Oktoberfest has left us her calling card in many ways: not only her beers but her Steins! We put our heads together and concluded that Steins are here to stay and at €9.50 you will now be able to indulge in a hearty fill of Hophead, Chiller, Temple Brau, Hersbrucker and Dublin Pale!

We love a good bargain.

The place is currently decked out in Halloween glory, looking especially spooky with our ever present candles burning away and the addition of a laughing clown on the bar counter. Maybe we're biased, but we think that it's the best bar in the complex!

The staff took to the occasion as well, excpet one, who will remain nameless *cough* kevin *cough*, and decided to come as a disgruntled employee...Funny thing is that he looked the same.

Now it is time to prepare for Christmas and soon we'll be announcing our Winter Warmer selection, beers, porters, cocktails and hot toddies alike.

Those awful jumpers will have to be banned though I'm afraid...


May your lives be filled with adventure, your eyes with laughter and your belly full of hops.

Until next time,




So the summer has come to an end here in Cork but the autumn hues will soon begin to woo the city once again bringing with it, new developments in the bar. We’ve been experimenting with the place, still dancing to the tune of musical chairs but like the summer, this is soon to cease. For September you can expect to see some superficial surprises, whilst the beer, wine, food and cocktail menus are all undertaking a renaissance.

 Our live music scene really took off during the sunny season; we enjoyed meeting, dancing and singing along with all the bands that came to perform with us.  

The big shhhmoke came a calling last week when the popular Dublin magazine ‘The Phoenix’ expressed their interest in featuring us, under the subject umbrella of Craft Beer in Cork City (aka The Real Capital). We also have been featured in The Cork News (do I add another ‘s there for possession…I get confused sometimes) article ‘Brewing up a Storm’.

Everyone wants a piece of us…and there’s plenty to go around!

On tap in The Porterhouse Cork we have some nice guest beers floating about, with 8 degrees Howling Gale blowing everyone away as usual, Founder’s Centennial shaking up the IPA heads, SnakeDog by Flying Dog twisted concoction going down a treat and Metalman’s collaboration with Hardknot, the anglo-irish tea party that is Yerba (not an easy one to categorise or explain to curious clientele) on cask, but not really, as it’s gone gone-idy gone. We just wanted you to know that you missed it.

The confusion added to the deliciousness.

We’re making plans for Oktoberfest which will take place in our new rooftop beer garden from the 9th onwards. 

We’re also in the process of announcing our Home Brew Contest! The ducks are lining up one by one and as soon as they’re in military formation, you’ll be the first to know!

That’s all from us for this week!

May your lives be filled with adventure, your eyes with laughter and your belly full of hops.

Until the next time,




My First time

Welcome to Porterhouse Cork's first ever blog post! I'm sitting here with a pint of Plain, a half eaten Smokey burger and an envious bartender counting the minutes until she can join me.

It's a hard life.

Things have been ever changing for us here in Cork recently: new manager, new look, new feel, new entertainment and new faces everyday. And the furniture is never in the same feels like the never ending story of The Moving Porterhouse chairs.

We now host live music every Saturday too, which puts a serious bounce in everyones step and makes the cocktails go down easier not that any of you need an excuse!  Of course, we miss our old friend Derek but we hear he is happy and safe in the adventurous hands of the 8 degrees lads in Mitchelstown! Adventurous and not wandering (we hope).

Last month our IPA festival was a huge hit amongst our Cork customers, lapping up the freshly tapped IPAs and squealing at the sight of uncorked casks. Black's Of Kinsale called into us for a beer tasting and the Drunken Destrier made his first ever public debut. You know what they say: Off of the Twitter and onto the bar stool. On a side note, therein lies a sign that I too am getting old; I subsequently put the word 'the' in front of everything. 'The' Facebook, 'The' Twitter, 'The' email. I might invest in a typewriter just to complete the transformation and finally become my grandmother asking if I can see her through 'the' skype yokey ma-bob.

Some exciting developments are on the horizon too for the immeadiate future...but I have to keep that a secret for now. It's too rash, too unadvised, too sudden... to be divulging such confidential information on the internet (but if you see me in the bar I'll spill the beans over a game of Shuffleboard)

We will be launching a new food menu in the coming weeks, to coincide with the renaissance of our jam packed beer menu! So keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook and the Twitter for upcoming events, as there will be many!


May your lives be filled with adventure, your eyes with laughter and your bellies full of hops.

Until the next time





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