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September 2017

September. Fresh crisp mornings. Leaves turning a golden brown. School uniforms appear. Nights drawing in. Summer sports reach their respective climaxes as the cathedral of GAA fills with 81,000ish rabid and expectant fans cheer on their county. The Soccer begins too, we play Georgia and Serbia this month, hopefully 6points will be ours.

It has been brought to my attention that, although we don’t grow a lot of hops in Ireland, not having the requisite amount of sunshine you see, we can grow fantastic Garlic. ?Garlic ?you say !, yes Garlic. I have a bulb in my garden. Grows all by itself it does.

All the usual suspects make an appearance on our main stage this month and even though I say it all the time, we really do have some of the finest of musicians performing their art for us, and the Sunday night gigs with “The Dingleberries?are only bleedin brilliant, the perfect end to a weekend, before the bitter pill of Monday morning comes back around again.

Fruit. Mixed with beer. We currently have beer mixed with Strawberrys and beer with Grapefruit. The ‘Stone?Tangerine express too. Yummy !! Whilst the summer is drawing to its customary end, summery beers are always in season. Just like our seasonal Pale ale, the ”Grand day?which is flying outta the taps. Light and refreshing, with light summery hops. A real winner. It is available in 330ml cans and on draught. It’ll be pouring at the Craft beer festival in the R.D.S from the 8-10th of September.

Right, that’s my lot. We shall talk again soon. Thanks for listening.

July/August 2017

New stuff approacheth !!

With the opening of our new brewery, in a secret location, in the Dublin industrial estate, we have brewed a new beer. Information is sketchy at this moment and rumours abound. All I can tell you definitively, dear reader, is that it may or may not contain Rhubarb, earwax, powdered ant or helium. One concrete rumour suggests it will be a Summery, and light ?Session IPA?at 4.2% available in cans. We have also bottled, for the first time, one of our favourites, the Temple Lager.

Our Guest bank of taps is still filled with some bloody super stuff. We have had some Crooked stave brews pouring recently?Oh. My. Gosh. Such flavours. Such HUGE flavours from a beer round about the 5% mark !! Wow !!

With The Stone brewing now set up in Berlin, we have the Stone IPA, fresh, on tap, almost permanently, another classic. There is a full time 8 Degrees tap in Rumpoles too; Yumdiddlyyumyum !!

Also, this is a thing.

That’s, not even, to mention this. This kind of thing happens regularly on our little wee stage. In fact, if the truth be told, it happens every day. The quality of musicianship on display on our wee stage, each and every day, is truly a wonder. Between Andy Mann on Mondays (Boy, can that man sing) and The Luna boys, and Revolver, and Woodsy, and The Usual Suspects; and Lest I fail to mention the occasional Cameo from the legendary Ditch Cassidy also.

The aforementioned Mr. Colm Lynch graces our stage regularly; one of the bloody finest singers and band leaders around. The cats he has with him are always the most excellent and groovy. The DingleBerries gig on every second Sunday is the best gig in town. Easily. A veritably auditory Joy I tells ya.

Thankfully now soon, the football season resumes. Men will have something to talk about again. A link to the Porterhouse Fantasy football league will be here abouts soon too.

The 31st of July marks the anniversary of the untimely death of one of our founders and inspirations, Mr Oliver Hughes. We raise a glass of Wrasslers to him often.

New menus from our new kitchen with our New head chef, and it looks super.
That’s it I think.
I’m off for a swim.

Talkcha !


June 2017 


June has arrived boys and girls. Great drinking weather. Holidays planned and weekends full of fun things to do. This really is a bucolic land we have here. Even though we have less natural forest than we should, in fact we have the second lowest forest cover in Europe. But all of this is hardly relevant here.


This month has started off quite well on the beer front. The Crooked Stave Brewery in Oregan has provided us with two sour beers, a raspberry sour and a passion fruit sour; both are extraordinary things. Using a brettanomyces yeast and brewed with a combination of genius and witchcraft, both of these lovely things pour from small kegs, and won’t last long. The raspberry sour in particular was a thing of unparalleled beauty; a combination of tart raspberries and angels’ earwax, which is where brettanomyces comes from. I have heard from one of our beer elves that their Hop Savant will be in soon too; a thing worth waiting for, for sure.

It should also be noted that Orval has made a welcome return to the Main fridge.


So, music.

If it ain’t broke lads… this months band line up is full of our favourites. Mondays with Andy Mann.

Thursdays with Woodsy.

Fridays with Liberty Hell and The Usual Suspects.

The other days are shared out among some of the finest musicians available. From Colm Lynch to Ditch Cassidy and back.

The Pineapples in the lounge too.


With our chef’s specials on everyday supplementing our food menu, it really is the pub with a thousand choices.


Sure where else would you be going?




May 2017

The May blog is here. See below.

May is a good month. See above.


It was on the 28th of May in the year 1996 of the common era that the Porterhouse Temple bar opened its doors for the first time. Since then thousands of staff have come and gone. Some have gone and come back. Millions of pints of beer have been consumed by hundreds of thousands of fine and wonderful people; many of whom return on a regular basis.

A date, perhaps to keep one eye on. Just saying.


In the 21 years we have been horsing out the gargle to all you lovely people, we have won many accolades and awards, famously, two gold medals at the International brewing awards. Recently we won the Bronze medal for our  Celebration Stout. Many congratulations to our brewing team on a job well done there. The Chocolate Truffle Stout is still pouring too. Now that is a tasty drop of stout. Based on the Plain porter with chocolate added, it really is delicious.


We have on regular, non-rotating rotation guest taps at the moment, the Stone IPA and an 8Degrees brew. The Stone is super. Dry and thirst quenching, and the hops are lovely. This beer comes not trans-Atlantic, but from Berlin. The 8 Degrees beers all come from Mitchelstown, Co Cork. 

Frulli is back.       


We gots tunes. Man have we got tunes. Our music is of the very highest order. We gots Blues on Mondays. Mid week is mellower, from the Trad in the lounge to boys on stage. The weekends kick off bigger. The Usual Suspects on a Friday night is one gig not to miss. Also, on the topic of returns, the 13th of this month sees a special guest or two on the stage from midnight. That promises much. So much in fact, I shall leave ya’ll with this ditty.


April 2017

April. The fourth month of this year holds many a gift for us all. The summer is almost here. Thoughts are turning to holidays away, to see somewhere new and get some sun on ones skin. Our marketing team has been busy beavering away on our new branding.

Oh yes ! Very busy. We have now gone all out to make it easy for folk to whom our beer is new, and clearing up any confusion as to what you will get. If you were unsure, for example what kind of beer the “ Hersbrucker” pilsner was, it is now called the Pilsner, with the Hersbrucker hop. Equally so for the “Porterhouse red ale”. It is now called “ Nitro red”. Simples.

The Chocolate Truffle stout is now pouring too, and just in case there is any confusion, this is a Stout at 5% with chocolate and truffles and it is just bloody gorgeous. Our music is awesome, as always. This month, Colm Lynch is on our stage quite a bit. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the odd Friday and the occasional Sunday. The Sunday night gig is truly amazing. Joined by such luminaries as Peter Maguire, Angus Ralston, Brian Grace and Tom Domican…. *shakes head and walks away in disbelief … Not to forget the Pineapples in the lounge of an afternoon, with pipes and banjopheny galore, the “ Liberty hell” gig on the odd Friday too, with more banjopheny. Mighty craic that one is. And of course the mighty Sliotar at the weekends.
A short blog this month.

Just you wait until may …

March 2017

Ah march, my bonny friend. Such chills. Such delights.

Longer days. Shorter nights.

But the nights, oh the nights. Such sounds, such beats and the rhythm, and the tunes.

And the toe tappin and the drinking. Sure ti’s like part of a trinity, where one part was forbidden.


We have the Pineapples of an afternoon in the lounge. With banjopheny, apple bobbing and key changing of the highest skill.

Mid weeknight slots are filled by the incomparable Colm lynch and friends.

The Luna boys, who are excellent and Yann o brien who is amazing.

Monday with 10,000 hours.

 Thursday with Woodsy and friends.

 And Fridays with the Usual suspects….??

We spoil you.

We really spoil you.

And that’s without taking in the gloriousness of the ‘ Dingle berries’ on a Sunday.

On the topic of beneficence, a little bird piped up the other day and mentioned the chocolate truffle stout. Shhh !


Slap bang in the middle of March and half ways through lent comes St. Patrick’s day. This year it lands on a Friday.

Last years paddies day was a great day. Best day in years. I for one am hoping this years is as good, if not better, what with it spreading over three days and all.

 We have Sliotar doing the afternoon set, followed by ‘ Liberty hell’ for a couple of crazy hours then ‘ The usual suspects’ closing us out on a high.


The five nations is still going on strong with Ireland away to the Welsh on the 10th and England coming to Dublin on the 18th.


The Dingle gin cocktails continue to fly out, and as the weather gets better, so too do the strawberries. I’m just sayin’.


It has been said that the Porterhouse on Parliament Street is the best pub in the world. I won’t comment on that.

But What a pub!!


Now boys and girls, you will have to bear with us occasionally.

March, as I might have mentioned, is a very busy month, so go easy and play nice.


February 2017


Month number two of this fine year has once again reared its wee hand. The shortest month, and the one and only one when it is possible to have no full moon. Well, fancy that.

Lots to get through, so here it goes.

Musically, we have one new addition to our roster of regular musicians with the excellent Cazettes playing on Saturday the 18th. A nice bunch of folks, and their singer, well, she’s gonna be a star that one.

All the rest of our usual guys are present and correct, and if you have not been in on Sunday night to catch the “Dingleberries” you really are missing out.


With home games against the French and the English, this years 6 nations promises to be a doozy. The French have moved on from ten moustachioed men sitting at a table slobbering over two bottles of Châteaux de chateaux all day and mumbling about how everything is better in france. These days day they drink pints. Pints and pints and more pints. Great craic really. The day after Paddy’s day sees the Englanders coming over. Now THAT’ll be a hectic weekend. The last game of the tournament, at home, against the English, the day after St. Patrick annual Craic agus ceol agus ol festival …?? Holy god.

All the games will of course be shown live on all our tellies.


The American beer festival went off quite well. We had some wonderful stuff on draught from our friends across the pond. The “Hop savant” from the crooked stave brewery in Colorado was the winner for me. An excellent sour ale. All the staff looked rather dapper too in their dicky bows and braces. All in all, a good effort.


In other news. Some renovations are going to start this month. The Kitchen will be closed for about ten days until the 17th for some work. Now I say work, like it’s a small job. It isn’t. In fact the whole kitchen is being remodelled. As is the top floor and top bar. Alas we will not be serving food for the duration of the works. However. Fear not friends, our pals across the road at DiFontaine’s pizzeria will be pitching in to help. Just ask the bar.


Valentines day = beer, or cocktails.




January 2017

So, it’s that time of the year again; Its start.

This means that the time has come for a blog about January.

It will be a big year for us here in the Porterhouse. Lots of exciting things will be happening! We brewed three seasonal beers recently; the f**kwit, the Rusty and the Celebration Stout, and they all went down quite well.

We have an American beer festival coming up. From the 19th to 29th featuring, yep, you guessed it, Beers from America. We already have Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada and Firestone on fairly regularly, with the Founders brewery also featuring most weeks (their breakfast stout is on at the moment, bloody lovely).


Brewing in ‘Murica is going great guns (no pun intended) with lots of delicious beer coming over to us.

The “Hop Savant “ from the Crooked Stave brewery is new to us, a sour/saison style, weighing in at 6.7%; the Lagunitas “Brown Sugga”, an Imperial brown ale at a hefty 9.8%, and also, from the Founders guys, is their Azacca IPA at 7%. (Trouble brewing did a Deception, in a cask with the azacca hop in it recently, light and tropical. Mmm)


This year’s TradFest kicks off on the 25th; every venue in town will be hosting live music. We, well, we are hosting The Fureys. THE Fureys.

They are playing on Thursday night, the 26th.  That’ll be ace that will.

Our band list has a familiar feel to it this month with all your favourites, old and new.


The Tradfest committee are hosting a concert on the 25th of this month in St. Michans church. It will be dedicated to the late Oliver Hughes who sadly died last year.




November/December 2016

Now, and I may be a little biased here, I do believe we have a great looking pub.

It sounds good. It’s nice to the touch. Everything tastes good. Many of the staff are beautiful people, as are many of our regulars.


On that note, Welcome to a combined blog for November and December.


We have Rugby. Oh boy! do we have rugby. Having stuffed the All Blacks once this month we have the chance to do it again now soon. Holy Moly that is exciting; then the Australians come over at the end of November for another mouth watering/bone crunching clash.


The music, as always, is of the highest calibre.

Monday nights we have “ Black and Blue” horsing out the classics and rocking your socks CLEAN off.

Tuesdays Is Colm Lynch and Peter Maguire.

Wednesdays is shared among some of the grooviest cats around.

Thursdays are Woodsey-time.

Then the weekend;

Fridays are “ The Usual Suspects “ from 11:30pm– 1:45am

The Saturdays are also shared out between Ditch Cassidy and Revolver.


And it’s all Free!!!


Not only do we make a bakers’ dozen fine beers, incl. our seasonals, Celebration stout and the Amber lager ‘Rusty’, but we also have us a distillery.

The Dingle distillery, based down in Dingle, hence the name, see ?

Now we are making an Excellent gin and an excellent vodka for sure.

The Dingle Gin and The Dingle Vodka.

 However. The whiskey ! Oh, the whiskey.

The Dingle single malt is finally being released this month. My spies, what are in the know, tell me it promises to be super.


December then comes. All Christmas jumpers and office parties. The madness continues right up till New years With Revolver.

It just never stops. So please be patient with us, we are busy, but we will get to you.

And that folk will be 2016 finished. A year when we lost so much. Here is to a much better 2017.




September Blog

My good man.

Life out here in the colonies is no easy work. The bally flies would eat one alive, and one cannot drink the water. The last batch of beer you kindly sent us had, rather gone off. My man Smitherrs, had truly a chronic dose of the squirts and has sworn off beer for life; a trifle hasty I’m sure. Please send, on the next boat, a beer with more life to it.

Yours truly. Major E.F. Sidebottom.




In reply to your last letter, I have dispatched a beer which should last the journey, what what what !!!

Tell your man Smitherrs it should be fine to drink. I know the chap, went to school with his old man.

Tally ho Major, yours truly. Favershome Atlas-brown III


Hops add flavour and help in the preservation of beer. Although “ Hoppier” beers were not uncommon, they would survive the journey to India well. Indian Pale ales. An ale brewed with Pale malts and a generous use of hops.

This style of beer can come in many various guises, from the super bitter, cheek tightening, hair curling super hoppiness of say Sierra Nevada’s “Hoptimum” to the Just plain delicious, dry fruitiness of Thornbridge’s Jaipur and all points in between.

We will be having these two, and many more. IPAs from The Netherlands, America, Italy, England and of course from closer to home; with efforts from some of the Irish brewers, including the White Gypsy, Metalman and O’haras.

 Our chief beer wizard has rustled up a new pale ale for us too, to sit alongside our Hop head.  Pale face it’s called, delicious.


From 5th day of September until the 15th day the Pub will be Showcasing a selection of Indian pale ales.

August Blog

August Beer was a German physicist, mathematician and chemist, who wrote a paper ("De Situ Axium Opticorum in Crystallis Biaxibus,") about light absorption. Interesting eh?

 What with the summer both supplying us with an equal amount of rain and sun in an almost traditional sense, it seems this tenuous link is enough for me to let you all know about the return of Turners Sticklebract bitter.

Now this, as you all know, is a beer brewed to commemorate the opening of the Porterhouse in London near to the site of the house where the artist John turner was born.

The TSB is a traditional English ale using mainly the Sticklebract hop (, low gravity, 3.7% but a full flavour. Pouring from the hand pump and refreshingly bitter. Perfect on a sunny day or a rainy day.

 The music in August is as awesome as ever, from Andy Mann on Monday nights to Three Loud Knocks on Wednesdays (unbelievable stuff that), through Thursday with Woodsy and Friday with the Usual suspects.

The Hit Men Trio and an extra helping of Colm lynch? Flying solo and with his band!

 The Belgian festival was super, some wonderful beers poured out from our taps and next month is all about IPAs.

Also the Louder will be coming in bottled too.

All in all, sure, where else would you be going.


July Blog

July. It used to be the summer when I was a chiseller. Now it’s a combination of Spring and Autumn.

This July we have a celebration of Belgium.  The Belgian national dish gets the Porterhouse treatment this month. Five different Mussel dishes are going to be available this month, and two waffle dishes also.

The Beer, of course is the thing. The Belgians make some of the worlds best beers god bless ‘em.   The beer elves have promised a few Belgian treats this month, most of ‘em from Belgium.


From the White Gypsy brewery comes their Belgian Blonde and there are also a few Belgian beers from Belgium.

Westmalle dubble comes in on draught also. It’s not all, strong dark trappist deliciousness; Lindemans apple and Fruli will be on tap too.


We currently stock about 30 Belgian beers from Belgium, and several Belgian style beers from other beer making people.

Honourable mentions this month go to the Fyne beers from Argyll.

They are excellent.


The sport is a little thin on the ground this month, and two fruit beers on draught !! Equality. Gotta love it.


The live music in July will be as awesome as always.

All the usual suspects, and the Usual Suspects too.

The Gathering will be making an appearance in August, but that’s getting a little premature.


That’s all boys n girdles.

I’m off to the Beach volleyball world championships in Poland. Got me baby oil and Binoculars all packed.

Seeya soon.


June Blog

Hello everyone! Issa blog for June. I call it “ The June Blog”.

June this year is jam-packed full of stuff.

“ Like what? “ I hear you ask.

“ Well “ I reply, one eyebrow jauntily raised.


The British and Irish lions make a trip down under to do battle against the best of the Antipodes. We will be open for all the games and serving an Irish breakfast. Doors will be opening a half hour before each game kicks off, so that’s 9:30 for some games and 10 for others. The Barbarians game on the 1st kicks off at noon.


Beer. Our raison d’etre. This month sees some interesting and exciting beers coming to the taps. We will have Some of Thornbridge’s finest on cask, including their Jaipur. The Thornbridge guys really do make wonderful stuff. All their beers, be it bottled, kegged or cask, are delicate and refreshing. The Jaipur comes in at a fairly robust 5.9% abv tho’. Not to be messed with. They also brew beer in conjunction with others. So, for example, an English band called “Reverend and the makers” have made a summer ale with them; named after the band. I for one am looking forward to it. Veltins pilsner will be on too, along with Vg nosters Golden ale. A light golden ale from Spain.


Our master brewer was pottering about in the brewery one afternoon a while back. Absent-mindedly scratching his chin, in his beige corduroy jacket with leather patches on the elbows, as brewers do. The result of this, rather typical scene is a new beer. So… In the second week of June this year we will have, ON cask, for your delectation a Barley wine. It weighs in at a hefty 11%. ( insert exclamation of your choice here). It’ll also be kegged, but lets be honest, we all want to try it from the hand pump. Totally !!

Bottled wise we have loads of new stuff, from all corners of the beer-making world. Just ask your friendly barman, or failing that, ask one of the others.


The Cocktail list is getting a refresh also. Some of the classics are joining the list. Including a Manhattan and an Old fashioned. Mmmm I do likes an old fashioned, me.


On the music front we have many of your old favourites, and a few new ones; a welcome return for “ The goods” on Wed 25th, and “ The hit men trio” on the 19th.


Also on the 12th, we are having a Cuban evening. We will have a Cuban band, Cuban beer, Cuban cocktails and Cuban people. No Cuban cigars mind, ye’ll have to bring your own.




Good evening.

The nights are drawing in. As I dictate this months note from my Rumpoles stool. I think back on September.

The ninth month was all about us. We got shiny new badges on our taps and a shiny new tap. Well it’s an ‘Andpump’ really. A pump one pumps by hand. We have had the Red ale, An brain blasta and Hop Head on it. One can catch the nimble beer elves clambering about on the bar brandishing mallets and the like setting up the gravity cask too.. A fresh pint , Fresh ! from  a fresh barrel, frothing fresh and spilling down your fingers …

We kick off our Oktoberfest during the second week in October just in time for the Ireland Vs Germany World cup qualifier. Frikadellen and Eisbien, of course there is also the sausage plate. German soakage, to soak up the Good German  beer.

Our magic beer elves have brought in several different styles of beer including Bock, Keller, Landbier, Kolsh, Smoked and Pils. An explanation of these can be found on the Porterhouse Facebook page Via a link to the German beer institute.

            On draught we have Fest, heffe, pils and dunkle. We also have a seasonal beer for your edification, a black lager using a special yeast from the Weihenstaphaner brewing academy at 5%.  The PHD ( Porterhouse dunkle)   Mmmmm !

All this ends on the 25 Oct which brings us to the Halloween weekend.


Wo sonst wurden sie gehen?


Howdy folks.

Blog time again. Last months effort , written in invisible ink, well, not one of my better ideas.

So to re-cap on August. Well it rained some. Well it rained a lot. In fact , not to bore ye all with numbers but 64.4 mm of rain fell on our head here in the city. 164.5 fell in June, Still, it’s always nice and warm in the pub.

We had the Olympic games. A full pub watched Katie Taylor win Gold, hell of a moment that, and congrats too to our other medallists for the ridin and the fighting.

            The month ended with an invasion. Notre dame Vs Navy got their season of to a pretty good start, playing their season opener in the Aviva stadium, The town was flooded with Americans. And a bunch of good eggs all. They filled the pub from Thursday night till Sunday night. A better natured bunch of folk I don’t recall. The occasional ( cringeworthy)  “ U S A … U S A … “ chant aside, a great bunch.

I hope they come back again.

            Anyway, September. Ahhh September. Back to school for the young’uns. Luggin that huge bag of books in the rain and the wind, doubled over, wet , cold. Ahhhh September.

Course now, September is also when the Oktoberfest kicks off in Germany.

After the Belgian fruitiness of August. Oh, my, the lovely lambics!! We are waiting in anticipation of our own Oktoberfest brew. Last years Hersbrucker Oktoberfest at 6.5% was the single tastiest beer EVER!, but my god, after the third or fourth pint …This years batch is in the tanks, and he magic beer elves are hard at work making it. I for one cant wait. Mmmmmm !

Between the sport and the Beer and the good food … Oh…. I nearly forgot.

Saturday September the 15 is a night to put in your calender. The mighty Deloreann are performing a show for us. It promises to be astoundingly Eighties. Sweatbands, aviators and denim shirts abound.


Sure where else would you be going?


July 2012

July, boys and girls. Aaah, July. What a month june was. The boys in green sang there way through 269 minutes of lame football. Who woulda thunk Sean St. Ledger, Irelands top goal scorer? The green army charmed Poland, and the world, and finally, other nations get “ The craic”. It took twenty thousand Irishmen and women to explain it in sunny Poznan, but the point was well made.

Although the football is over for a short while till August, there is still the G.A.A championship, the Wimbledon thing and the Olympic games too.

Eyes shift from east to west this month as we highlight American craft beers.

From Colorado we have The left handed and Odell’s breweries. The left handed are new to us and we have two of there beers; their Sawtooth ale, their first effort and their most popular, and the 400lb monkey, an English style bitter with an American style 7%. Ex Colorado, now Maryland, the flying dog brewery make many wonderful beers all wrapped up in beautifully adorned bottles.

The east coast is represented this month by the Victory brewery, the magic hat and Brooklyn. Victory’s Hop devil has been in for ages and is now joined by their Golden monkey, a golden Belgian style ale. Then its out west to the great state of California. The Anchor Brewery, Anderson valley and the Sierra Nevada breweries all show well this month, with the sierra boys supplying us with barrels. The pale, Bigfoot, summerfest and southern harvest reserve all on draught this month. Mmmmmmm!!

Must not forget the cask in rumpoles. June saw” The Williams brothers” brewery from Scotland up. Some delicious beer that was. I await, breath bated and lips a quiver for whatever the beer elves bring next. Rumours of “Fullers” have been floated about. We shall see.

Well that’s the beer sorted, what else?

Well the Band line up this month has many highlights but the one that has me excited is Mick Heslin. Playing his guitar on Wednesday 11th.

Sure where else would you be going.


June 2012

Excirah and delirah boys and girls.

The summer has arrived, at last. So our beer elves have brought us in plenty of light beers to try for the month of June. Blond ales and Wheatbeers from close to home and further afield. The Irish contingent are the Franciscan wells “Friar weiss” and “Blarney blond”. The Carlow brewing company are sending in “O Hara’s Irish wheat” and the Dungarven brewing company will have their “Helvic blond” in a cask, and if it is as good as the last time, it’ll not last long at all.

Not since that immortal day I first saw snooker on a colour telly has ANY telly gripped me like the last day of the Premiership and the Champions league final. There were grown(and not so grown) men in tears. Both joy and despair, heartache and elation. Both games had the pub enthralled. With a T.V now in the top bar too, and with the Euros coming ? The Porterhouse temple bar has become a real good venue to watch Irelands matches in Poland. Bodhrans and inflatable bananas and Ole Ole Ole !!!

Of course the entertainment doesn’t stop after that. Our regular house bands will of course be lashing out the tunes.

10,000 hours, with Brian, Tommy and Andy(waterline)Mann every Monday.

Tuesdays we have; Pat Farell, Colm Lynch and Coup de grace.

Wednesdays in June; Steve hogan’s band, The goods and Rolly and Roman.

Thursday it’s Woodsy, sometimes with Paul Fairclough, sometimes not. Always awesome.

Fridays have The usual suspects AND Sliothar.

Saturdays in June promise to be fantastic. The welcome return of “Sweet corn riot”. “The hitmen trio” get a Saturday night on the 9th. “ Fitzafrenic” do Saturday 23rd. With Ditch Cassidy judging us all on the 16th and 30th.

Sunday is all about the Mighty Sliothar. With “ The goods doing the bank holiday Sunday till one.

All in all folk, where else would you be? Drinking with the sheep?


May 2012

May already boys and girls, yes it is. Where does the time go eh?

Some new faces to look at in the Porterhouse and one noticeably missing. Good luck to Keith Blackmore, starting a new life at his age won’t be easy, but his wife and kids will look after him.

Plenty of new beers have turned up too. A blanche from our friends at the Lefevre brewery in Brussels, a few different weiss beers from Schnieder, including the limited edition Tap X. 7.5% Weiss bock in a 750ml bottle. Mmmmm! The man that brewed this beer was in last week. He has never tasted the bottled beer, your opportunity is still available. The Hilden ale is in the Cask at the minute, a superb pint from Irelands Oldest independent brewery. Clean and crisp with a wonderful bitterness. One of the best of the guest cask beers we have had in a long time.

The April stoutfest went well, The Shandon was the best for me, from The Franciscan Well brewery in Cork, with a tip of the hat to The Carlow brewing company for the O’Haras stout. Alas the 8degrees stout never made it in; I was looking forward to that one.

May is all about the I.P.As, Irish pale ales that is, not Indian. If the aforementioned Hilden is anything to go by, May’s line-up should be good.

For the Indian pale ale lovers, well, at the floral end of the scale, the White hawk I.P.A. is good, and at the drier end of the scale the Jagged edge is also super stuff.

Warm evenings + cool crisp beer = Heaven.

May’s music line-up is fantastic, as always. Plenty of familiar faces, but some new faces too. Each Saturday this month sees a new band filling our stage.

Don’t forget, May 29th, Champions league final; the atmosphere in the pub for both semi-finals was electric, bring on the final.


April 2012

Hello folks, how ya’ll doin?

April is upon us boys and girls and the weather is getting better. Cloudy, sunny with chances of rain. Just as it should be. Tis an odd month is April, Paddies day is gone and the hangover has slid away into the background.

The champions league is tearing to its climax and this years Premiership run In is shaping up to be another cracker; Dan’s Nottingham forest, languishing in the championships basement. Man United fans are a hoppin with glee, others are not so gleetastic. With Villa under performing, Blackburn and Liverpool below par, the banter is flying.

The G.A.A is starting up too.

Rumpoles, Pint, paper, deadly.

We are highlighting stouts from some of the smaller craft brewers about the country, from Cork to Carlow this month so why not come in and sample other people’s stouts.

O’Hara’s stout, Trouble Brewing’s Dark Arts porter, Shandon stout, from the Franciscan well in Cork

We still have our usual three, but for this month, also we gots the Chocolate back. The chocolate truffle stout is Five percent of chocotastic stout ale. A wonderful pint.

Of course, with the Plain in such good nick … well.

Next month, being May of course, the sun will be a shining on us as the summer rolls in, so we’re gonna move off the stouts and Highlight I.P.A’s. The Hop Head will be back and other hoptastic beverages will be online to satiate even the most ardent hopaholic. MMmmmmmmm !!

As always, the bottle selection will be changing towards the end of the month, some eagerly anticipated. Schneider X, a once off, limited edition brew from the Schneider brewery, will be making a brief appearance.

Of course, the music is awesome this month too.

Our Monday night band are terrific, half acoustic and half plugged in rock’s roll. Tuesdays are all acoustic, with Colm Lynch (one time winner of the best sideburns in music), and Coup de Grace taking turns on alternative weeks. It ramps up then on Wednesdays with The Hitmen Trio, more acoustic brilliance, and The Goods, making Wednesdays swing again.

Thursday has a unique flavour, with The Bunko Brothers doin their thing and the mighty Woodsy also doing his thing. Friday sees the best cover band in town, Hell the best LIVE band in town, The Usual Suspects, blowin away cobwebs, for your perfect start to the weekend. Saturday sees the welcome return of Ditch Cassidy, also The Mix Tape and the Lo riders. Deadly !!

Saturday afternoon has Sliotar doin a few hours, warming up before their all day Sunday set.

All in all, where else would you be going?


February 2012

Well the six nations is back again and we are revving up for Ireland to do us proud finishing up with one hell of a final on the 17th of March.

If you can’t get to the match, get down here 4 floors 4 screens and some crackin beers to boot. Speaking of which, have you tried the barrel aged celebration stout on draught? (yep you read correct on draught and ONLY in Temple bar).

As for the bands, the old reliable like the Kicking kings the Usual Suspects Rock Tribunal and of course Woodsey with a few new bloods breaking into the Porterhouse Temple bar family.

Check out the daily beer specials guaranteed a different beer from different parts of the world every day.

Oh and don’t forget Feb 14th - play nice with the other half, be cheeky bring them in for a meal and have a couple of sneaky new beers while you get brownie points - always pays to have a few in reserve.

7 December 2011

Well it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the Porterhouse Temple Bar. The place is decked out to the nines but still has a great cosy feel.

I am really looking forward to trying a few of the festive beers they brought in for the Christmas period, some are old friends like Sierra Nevada's celebration (always a good brew), and Hooke Norton's 12 days.

Some are hopefully going to become new friends I am really looking forward to sampling the anchor steam Christmas ale and the goose island mild winter. The other one that looks interesting and is coming in at a cracking 10% ABV is the St. Bernardus Christmas Ale.

There is a little whisper going around the bar that they are going to have a sample of the new barrel aged Celebration Stout on draught. If you don't manage to taste it on draught I believe it is going to be in bottle at a whopping 11% despite the label saying it is 10% scuttlebutt says that it picked up an extra kick from the whiskey cask.

I saw the Christmas band line up for December and was really happy to see Fritzafrenic back after doing an album. If you haven't seen these guys check them out - they do some great Madness tunes and a great version of Baker Street. As for the rest of the line up Oh Happy Days, The Goods, The Kicking Kings and rock tribunal, funk, rock and pure rock respectively with everybody being judged by ditch and the rest of the tribunal guys rocking the night away on new year's eve.

Anyway I've rabbitted on long enough - get off your keester and check out the beer and more importantly the vibe in Porterhouse Temple Bar. Ho Ho Ho!!!

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